Located in Londonderry, New Hampshire, Knowledge Tree is a software education company with a difference.  We are dedicated to making your training experience fun and non-threatening.  We will remove the anxiety that becomes a  barrier to learning.  You will see the computer for what it is:  a tool to make your life more productive.


Our instructors believe in the idea that learning flourishes in a relaxed, enjoyable environment.  That is our difference.


Educate You

Captivate You

Make You Think

Make You Laugh

Alleviate Your Fears

Understand Your Needs

Increase Your Productivity

Make You Successful


Knowledge Tree was founded by Lynn MacDonald, an adult educator with over twenty years of technology training experience and a passion for making the difficult seem easy.  MacDonald has gathered a consortium of educators who strive to present information in an understandable way that builds confidence and encourages questions and interaction.


We are a company run not by salespeople or administrators, but by educators.  Quality is our primary focus, and customer service governs our every decision.


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